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Recent Work

In the Distance

In the Distance

Acrylic with Mixed Media

Clayborad mounted on birch panel

12" x 12"

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W e l c o m e   t o   m y   w e b s i t e


I envision my artistic journey travelling towards exploring my creative identity through painting what I love, collaboration, and finding inspiration from others. 

a river runs through it, landscape study

A River Runs Through It

water lily artist seraya smit.jpg

Water Lily

Landscape Study

Landscape Study

Why Do I Feel Connected to Trees_edited.jpg

Why Do I Feel So Connected to Trees?

Trees Increase the Quality of Our Life. They work for us on so many levels! They help keep us healthy, improve our natural world, shield us from harsh elements, lighten our moods, provide fuel and building material, and add economic value to our living spaces.

Acrylic with Mixed Media

18in x 36in

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